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About Us
Shenzhen Meijie Plexiglass Products Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007,the company is located in Shenzhen, China, is a focus on acrylic processing and customization of comprehensive enterprises.The factory covers an area of 3500 square, the use of advanced production equipment at home and abroad, so that the company in product development, sample, mold, production, production and other aspects can reflect a strong strength, high-quality skilled technicians, complete sets of production lines are responsible for quality control, strict management system to ensure the quality of products and production cycle.
Main products include
Machine and equipment cover, acrylic wine cover;, door number,ticket box card panel, four-color network screen printing,Plexiglass products, laser engraving, sandblasting,advertising boutique product bracket series, data frame box, decoration series.commodity display rack (display case)series, cultural supplies series,trophy medal series, hotel supplies series, photo frame series,license plate, PC security cover PET etc.
Application field
Home decoration, construction, real estate,3Cconsumer industry, schools, hospitals, automation machine equipment manufacturers and so on.
Product advantage
80+manufacturing equipment, 100+ emplovees, 10+ more than 10 years ofexperienced teachers, can solve a variety ofacrylic processing customization problems, provide one-stop processing customization services.

5S workshop management specification

Standardized production process, efficient and high-quality production